How It Works

Try. Share. Improve. Repeat.

As a member of Raley’s Something Extra Try-It, you’ll be invited to participate in Try-It programs, unique opportunities to try great products and services available at Raley’s (for free or at a significant discount), then introduce them to friends and share your feedback with us. How does a program work?

1 Try the product

Answer quick surveys to fill us in on the things you like, so we can invite you to programs for the products you’ll love. Accept an invitation and we’ll give you a way to try the product, as well as helpful talking points and offers to share with friends.

2 Review and share

Help us improve our products and help friends discover something new by sharing your opinion both in-person and online, through activities including Facebook posts, tweets and product reviews. With our easy-to-use on-site tools, starting conversations and filling us in on the ones you’ve had is a cinch.

3 Get rewarded

Write reviews, share photos and videos and update your friends and followers throughout every program you join, and you’ll do more than help improve our products and services — you’ll get more programs, too. We reward great members with even more great product experiences.